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Shiksha hub Educational Consultants, a pioneer in education, with global tie-ups and national presence, is a one stop solution for all your education needs. We strive to bring education within your reach through our extensive experience.

We are authorized representatives of over 50+ universities, 36+ colleges,  190+ programmes and 2000+ jobs across the country,  including the most sought-after academic destinations like Lovely Professional University, Swami Vivekanand Subharti Universities. Our representation of over 50+ universities and 36+ colleges across the country, you have a lot to choose from. We can also guide you in securing admission in universities offering scholarships and paid internship programs.

We take great pride in our standing as a foremost brand for study in various universities and colleges across India. We feel delighted to successfully pursue the vision of facilitating world-class and affordable education to students from across the country. For us, it has been a challenging yet rewarding experience to make education facilities accessible to students from all strata of society to contribute to the nation-building cause.Choosing the university is of utmost importance in your study endeavour. This is where our educational Counsellors at SHIKSHA HUB play a key role. Our skilled counsellors assist you in streamlining your process of shortlisting the college and university best suiting your career goals as well as budget preferences. 

SHIKSHA HUB consultants evaluate your profile and provide their expert advice on Institutions and Courses acoss the country,  which streamlines your process of shortlisting the college and university. They guide you with options relevant to your career goals as well as your financial plan.Our counsellors also give you a better understanding of the universities offering scholarships and paid internship programs which help you to plan your financial aspects. So take the right guidelines from experts in this field and ensure that you accomplish the goal of pursuing right education. 

Choose the best career path based on your profile. We help you choose the institution that best suits your academic needs from the plethora of institutions that we represent across the country. You can benefit a lot from our end to end education services that start with you making the right choice for pursuing your education and then follow Admissions, Test-Prep, including Financial Aid Assistance.

Why Shiksha Hub? 

(i) Provide a meaningful fusion of global practices and customization suited to the candidate liking and financial needs. 

(ii)  Remain committed to ensure quality and objectivity through our active advice and guidance facility. 

(iii)  Engage in a long term commitment with our  candidates. 

(iv) The expertise of getting admissions in academic institutions of repute across the country.

(v)  Bring corporate excellence in our approach leveraging our association with various universities and colleges across the nation.

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